Here at Zead we're all about getting online in all sorts of places.

Offering simple solutions at an affordable price to make Wi-Fi more accessible, a 3G signal Stronger & more Stable and a Satellite Broadband System. So as long as you don't all live in a Yellow Submarine like the Beatles or in a Nuclear Bunker... we should be able to help get you access to the world wide web.

Now you're on the site, stick around for a while. Below you can find links to in depth product information on everything we sell and on the top bar you can find our Links page which has the likes of hotspot finders, 3G coverage checkers etc, our Articles section which offers free help and advice to our customers, a where to buy? map and much much more.

Z-200 wireless usb adapter, click for information, wifi booster Z-250 3g dongle, click for more information, unlocked, boost 3G Z-250 3g dongle, click for more information, unlocked, boost 3G 

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